We know that life is very different for all of us right now but it is important that we stay in touch and stay connected.

Team Stepping Stones NI are still operational! Yes, we aren’t out and about as usual as we are following the guidelines to #stayathome and stay safe.  Despite this, our team our working from home and have everything in place to stay connected with all of you.

Your health and well being is the top priority right now, we know that you may be feeling down about being isolated and not being able to see your friends and family during social distancing. It’s important to stay connected and to talk to friends and family as it is a challenging time for all of us.

Stay connected with us through our social media channels and by picking up the phone or sending us a message through email or text.  Your key worker will check in with you as its important to keep the connection going  – its also important to remember that life wont always be like this and that we will get back to normal life at some stay.

We can still support you to look at future plans, skilling up, keeping motivated and goal setting.

Stay positive, stay focused and stay strong – we are here for you and we are #inthistogether

Team Stepping Stones NI