We have been supporting employers to recruit and retain dedicated and loyal staff for over 25 years. We see the benefit of working together.

Stepping Stones NI have helped us recruit and retain talented and dedicated staff. We are proud to support diversity in the workplace.

Anne Jamieson, Manager Daltons

Every day we support people who face barriers to employment to secure jobs and work placements. We work with employers across a variety of sectors to make this happen.

We see the value in working closely with employers to create opportunities for people with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, learning difficulties and learning disabilities. Our Job Coaches and Employment Officers successfully support people with a range of difficulties and needs to find a job they love and to stay in that job.

As an employer, we know that your goal is to find the best talent and retain that talent. We also know that when people who face barriers to employment are fully supported they can secure a job and flourish in their role which the employer benefits from.

Let’s work together to recruit talented and dedicated people that will add to the dynamic of your team. We will:

  • Help you recruit new applicants
  • Support applicants through interview
  • Provide on the job support