Our exciting new partnership with the Henderson Group is offering 16 people the opportunity to receive a full programme of training and a guaranteed job interview for their new Vivo Extra store opening in Banbridge.

The first Step Into Retail and Deli academy is almost full with a few remaining places open until Friday 18 September 2020.  Participants will receive a full range of training to enter into a a job in retail and deli such as world host, food allergens, food hygiene, health and safety and manual handling etc for free.  Each participant is also guaranteed a job interview with the Henderson Group.

The academy is specifically tailored to meet the needs of people who experience barriers to employment.  The Henderson Group are in full support of the needs of people with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and learning difficulties and have partnered with Stepping Stones NI to recruit staff for their stores.

Anyone interested in a place should contact Carla Bowyer at carla.bowyer@stepping-stones.org.uk / 07717738804