Stepping Stones NI services and social enterprises will be closed on the following dates through out 2023:

Closure Dates 2023


Monday 2nd January 2023                    (New Year’s Day)

Friday 17th March 2023                          (St Patricks Day)

Monday 10th April 2023                         (Easter Monday)

Tuesday 11th April 2023                          (Easter Tuesday)

Wednesday 12th April 2023                    (Easter Week)

Thursday 13th April 2023                        (Easter Week)

Friday 14th April 2023                              (Easter Week)

Monday 1st May 2023                               (May Day Bank Holiday)

Monday 8th May 2023                              (King Charles III Coronation)

Monday 29th May 2023                            (Spring Bank Holiday)

Monday 10th July 2023                              (July Week)

Tuesday 11th July 2023                              (July Week)

Wednesday 12th July 2023                        (July Bank Holiday)

Thursday 13th July 2023                            (July Bank Holiday)

Friday 14th July 2023                                  (July Week)

Monday 28th August 2023                        (Late Summer Bank Holiday)

Monday 25th December 2023                   (Christmas Day)

Tuesday 26th December 2023                   (Boxing Day)

Wednesday 27th December 2023             (Christmas Week)

Thursday 28th December 2023                (Christmas week)

Friday 29th December 2023                      (Christmas Week)