We have  an “Safeguarding and Protection of Young People and Adults at Risk Policy” in place to ensure that all our trainees and clients are protected from abuse. Our policies ensure that those who have been abused will receive support and protection from further abuse. Our policies have been developed with reference to government policy and best practice.

All our staff and volunteers receive training to ensure they know the steps to be taken when abuse is disclosed, identified, suspected or alleged.

If you use Stepping Stones NI services or access our social enterprises and have any concerns you should speak to your key worker immediately or the manager for the service.

What is abuse?

It includes:

  • Physical abuse, where the abuser hits, pushes, kicks, treats the person roughly or worse.
  • Psychological / emotional abuse or bullying involving threats, name-calling, insults, humiliation and meanness.
  • Sexual abuse, for instance being touched or hit in private places, or even being sexually assaulted. Sexual abuse can be verbal too, through comments and jokes that make the other person feel threatened or embarrassed.
  • Financial abuse or theft. This can be as straightforward as someone stealing money or valuables,  or keeping some or all the money that should be used to pay bills
  • Neglect – this includes not providing enough or the right kind of food for an adult at risk or not taking good enough care of them. Leaving someone unwashed or in dirty or wet clothes, not getting them to a doctor when they need one or not making sure they have the right medicines all count as neglect.
  • Institutional – the mistreatment or neglect of an adult by a regime or individuals in settings where adults who may be at risk reside in or use. This can occur in any organisation, within or outside Health and Social Care (HSC) provision.

You can view our Safeguarding Policy, Code of Practice and contact details for key staff through the links below:

Safeguarding Policy

Pocketsize Safeguarding Card

Safeguarding Policy EASY READ

Safeguarding – a Code of Practice 

Safeguarding Process and Key Staff – Head Office

Safeguarding process and Key Staff – Antrim Street

Safeguarding process and Key Staff – The Gatelodge Cafe

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of person with a disability or simply require more information please view the links below.




All safeguarding issues should be directed to:

Emmett Mullally
Designated Safeguarding Manager
E: emmett.mullally@stepping-stones.org.uk
T: 02892 794 465